Facebook Kills Journalism


Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook’s greed destroys something that has been around for hundreds of years.

Facebook has had huge blows on the Journalism industry over the years. There are 3 different instances that stand out. The first is that they killed the importance of brands. People don’t know where they get their information anymore because they just read it on Facebook. The second way they destroyed it was getting rid of the importance of authors and who wrote what article. And the third and probably most devastating blow they had on Journalism is stealing their business with their advertising process, leading them to take most of the money for themselves.

Just going to Facebook  and barley even scrolling down I immediately found the very ads that are feeding Facebook and destroying the Journalism industry on the bottom right corner.
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Facebook has made an insane amount of money from their ad revenue. You can see a chart showing their growth and revenue from the ads they run on their website

And if that wasn’t enough, Zuckerberg made an announcement that is going to reduce fake news and clickbait. The way that he’s going about this is asking the users on Facebook to decide what is what news is trust worthy and what news is not. Zuckerberg stated that “the changes would promote content likely to encourage meaningful interactions with people, while Mosseri, the man in charge of news on Facebook said, “it would inspire discussion in the comments,” and “that you might want to share and react too.”

Their goal is to get rid of fake news, but these statements contradict that idea. If the people are choosing what they want and what they find more interesting, they will almost always choose the more exciting news. Fake news is more often than not far more interesting that real news. A former Facebook product manager stated, “Sadly, news feed optimizes for engagement [and] as we’ve learned in this election, bullshit is highly engaging.”

Zuckerberg is once again giving the Journalism industry a huge blow. It won’t be long until Authors will give up writing stories if they’re name is continually buried and forgotten. Also, up and coming journalists will see that this is a dying industry and give up on their dreams. If there are no writers there are no stories, and if there are no stories there are no news media business, and there are already taking a huge blow by losing their money to Facebook’s ad revenue.

Facebook will go down in history as the thing that killed Journalism.


How To Succeed At An Internship

Meg went up against people who had more experience than her coming from schools that focus specifically on Journalism and came out on top.

Meg, a senior Communication major at La Salle University worked for the local paper of the Central Connecticut Blue Devils in the suburbs of Hartford during her internship over the summer. She worked specifically for the Bristol Press that puts out multiple articles every week: Bristolpress.com

Meg said that she thought this internship was a stretch for her to get accepted to. She went through intensive training before hand competing with students from NYU, Temple, and Sail University. Meg admitted that she felt under prepared going into the training compared to the other students she was competing against. She later said that she adapted and caught on quickly during the training and she felt more comfortable after completing it. She had to take a test at the end of it as well. She said she was nervous to be going toe to toe with some of the other students but she persevered and came out swinging.

Her job was to run their website and she had full reign on the layout design making her the “copy editor.” She made the headlines, placed everything where she wanted it to go, and came up with her own words and captions under the pictures. She admitted that this was something she had never done before or event thought of doing, but she really enjoyed doing it. “I liked that I expanded my knowledge well past just writing stories,” said Meg during her presentation.

Another thing that she now has under her belt thanks to this internship is experience working with the ad department, along with editing other people’s stories. She admitted that her main set of skills came in writing stories herself, but she’s grateful for the opportunity to become a more well rounded journalist. She was however able to write one story for the paper during her time there and she said she really enjoyed doing that.

She said that the atmosphere in the suburbs of Hartford were a big change from Philadelphia where things always move so fast. She described it as “a quiet job.”

Meg’s finishing thoughts on her summer working as an intern were this: “I was really excited for the opportunity. I learned a lot and grew a lot.”

Meg is currently looking to get her masters after she graduates this semester. She got into her dream school, University College of Dublin in Ireland. Unfortunately due to some things getting in the way she might not be able to attend, but thanks to her experience from this internship she was also able to get into Temple University to get her masters, a school that is very close to her current home at La Salle University.

Meg finished her presentation saying that as much as she loves Journalism, she wouldn’t be able to continue doing it for the rest of her life. She said 5 years would be an appropriate amount of time for her journalism career before she branched off into other things such as teaching. Judging by her presentation, I think it’s clear that she would be just as gifted at teaching journalism as she is at being an actual journalist.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.23.06 AMThe Website Meg ran “Copy Editor”


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